Atiku And Obi Are Being Hunted By Their Pasts – DICC

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The Disciples of Jagaban Independence Campaign Council, DICC has said the present setbacks being witnessed by the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party is due to their inglorious pasts.

Its National Coordinator said this in a press statement made available to journalists on Sunday. The statement reads in part:

Nigerians should not be surprised by the present predicaments being experienced by the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party flagbearers, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Mr Peter Obi, because they are only being hunted by their inglorious pasts – their records and antecedents – and they should not blame the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu or anyone else for their woes.

Today, Tinubu’s campaign and his mission, Vision:23 are being assisted by the industrious people he has built and mentored, the marvellous achievements he has recorded in Lagos and the laudable democratic credentials he has mainstreamed into Nigerian politics.

His efforts at liberating the populace against the grip of the military and the oppressive regimes, as exemplified in his struggle within NADECO and civil society organisations are those things that stand Asiwaju out and are currently working in his favour.

On the contrary, Atiku should rather blame himself for being wicked to Nigeria and Nigerians while in the presidency as Vice president. He should therefore expect nothing in 2023. 2023 is for Bola Tinubu because Nigerians will surely pay back Atiku in his coin, just the way he sold Nigeria’s assets to himself and his cronies as the chairman, of the Bureau of Public Enterprise during former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration.

Atiku and Obi are political rapists who normalised corruption. While Atiku’s name, in addition to selling Nigerian assets to himself, was also fingered in the Halliburton scandal and money laundering cases in the US. On his part, besides being reputed for investing state resources in his private and family businesses, Obi remains the only presidential candidate mentioned in the Pandora papers involving shady business deals – Illegal secret offshore business activities and shady business dealings secretly done overseas and tucked away in safe havens.

The investigation is part of the global International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)-led Pandora Papers project.

The project saw 600 journalists from 150 news organisations around the world poring through a trove of 11.9 million confidential files, contextualising information, tracking down sources and analysing public records and other documents.

The leaked files were retrieved from some offshore services firms around the world that set up shell companies and other offshore entities for clients, many of them influential politicians, businesspersons and criminals, seeking to conceal their financial dealings.

Only Lagos residents can understand better, how Tinubu as governor, turned the State for the better.

Many notable politicians, particularly from Southwest today are products of Asiwaju’s hard work, in addition to having many mentees from across Nigeria.

Obi had the same opportunity to make Anambra an El Dorado but he instead diverted Anambra’s resources to himself and his immediate family, just as Atiku also had better chances but he rather concentrated on replacing his boss in the first four years; concentrating on how to become one of the richest men in Africa; forgotten that it is only God Almighty who installs kings.

If Peter Obi had done in Anambra, half of what Tinubu did as a governor in Lagos, Anambra today would have been the best state in Southeast Nigeria.

Nigerians are not ungrateful. They will surely reward good governance with a massive vote in 2023, to encourage progressive politicians to do more for the people and discourage the retrogressive politicians from entrenching corruption, just as they shall surely reward Atiku based on his records, for looting our treasury.

How come Atiku, in his campaign speeches, is not canvassing votes with his achievements when in office? It’s because he has nothing positive to tell Nigerians.

Coming back to Obi. As a young governor then, he made no positive impacts in the lives of the people of Anambra State, hence he could not flaunt such failures today.

So because Atiku and Obi have nothing to campaign with, PDP and Labour Party are only seeking ways to discredit the government of the day, seeking a shortcut to return to power.

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