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Children of the modern days are becoming more close and friendly to modern technologies like Smartphones, tablets, and computers at an early age.
It’s inevitable to their development but there’s need to watch and protect and control their duration of screen and the content they are exposing themselves to.

Do you want your little one to have a fun and productive time? Choose one of the popular children’s online games on Game Karma! Let’s take a closer look at the projects that children of different ages like.


Great game for adventure lovers. The main character is a movie star. Every day, he faces a lot of worries and participates in many events.

A young gamer will be able to try his hand not only on the set. He also needs to get acquainted with the peculiarities of celebrity life and attend parties, award ceremonies, and fan meetings.

Alphabet 2048

By playing games online, you can gain new knowledge. This project is the best proof of that.

Alphabet 2048 is included in the curriculum of some European schools. The game is played in the classroom by preschoolers and younger students.

The focus of the child is the playing field. It consists of squares with drawn letters. The player needs to move and combine them. Completed the job without errors? The next letter will appear on the screen, and the player will receive bonus points.

Doctor Kids

Many of us want to be doctors as children. Modern kids can get acquainted with the profession thanks to an interesting online game!

The doors of a real hospital open before the player! The child will have to put on a white coat and work with patients like experienced doctors collect complaints, diagnose, and prescribe treatment.

Interestingly, gamers need to perform many manipulations without outside help. What does it look like? If a patient comes in with a fracture, you need to repair the bone by moving individual elements across the screen.

Scary Makeover Halloween Pet Salon

This game is liked not only by kids and their parents but also by critics. During its existence, it has received many high marks and approving reviews.

What awaits young gamers here? A complete beauty salon for cats and dogs! It has all the possibilities for creating unusual hairstyles, applying bright makeup, and experimenting with outfits.

All images are dedicated to a specific theme — Halloween. This makes the game especially colorful and exciting.

Cute Dolls Open Eggs

Chocolate eggs with surprises packed inside are a favorite treat for many kids. It is difficult to find a child who would not show interest in unpacking such a sweet! However, modern technologies allow the sweet tooth to not only enjoy chocolate and toys but also get acquainted with the process of its preparation!

Little players have to create and pack chocolate eggs. Only after all the tasks are completed, you can choose the sweetness you like and unpack it. Inside, not only an egg awaits but also a colorful collectible sticker. They can be collected and sent to friends!

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