DICC2023: Tinubu A True Defender Of The Less Privileged In Nigeria. – Alawuje

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The National Chairman of the DOJ [Disciples of Jagaban] Independent Campaign Council (DICC), Comrade Abdulhakeem Alawuje insists that if only the masses and the less privileged youths in Nigeria could realize who Tinubu is, they would have volunteered to be leading all the independent campaign teams for Asiwaju 2023.

If Nigerian youths and masses would get it right this time around, 2023 will determine if we are truly committed to positive liberation.

Unfortunately, some Nigerian elites do not have shame anymore; if not, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Onwubuasi Gregory Obi should tell us those things that make them think they deserve the votes of Nigerians despite all that they looted.

It is only in Nigeria that the crooks and dangerous leaders are usually celebrated by many of those who successfully ate their future in the past.

Some of us will never keep quiet to allow those who refused to solve this country’s problems when they had all the chances in the past, to take charge of our treasury again.

Looking at those who crippled our industries, factories, our economic system and our educational services, what exactly are they still looking for in the government?

I am still asserting that if Tinubu refuses to be coming to the public for their campaign, his track record and his antecedents of performance should be able to stand him out and be campaigning for him everywhere in the country; he has been a notable liberator and a proven transformer. He has now been confirmed as the unbeatable transformational genius among all the contestants, and it is now clearer that his political sagacity can never be undermined, especially by those who unduly benefited only when Nigerians are in crisis. Some of us have been in the system for a while, and that is why we put up the volunteer services ourselves without waiting for anyone to ask us to do it; we started before any group, and we started in 2019, long before those who he made to be who they are today.

We threatened him that if he refused to come out to contest, we are going to sue him and charge him for disobedience to Nigerians’ request for his services. However, we thank the Almighty God that he heeded our call; we stood by him until he won the primary elections, and we are going to continue with our firm support for him without abandoning him until he wins the general election. In addition, we would still stand by him socially, physically and spiritually until Nigeria gets liberated, and transformed and he completely succeeds as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The special message of DICC to all the youths and the masses of this country is that we should take 2023 as our rescue time and that Nigerians need to get fully ready to invest their time and other resources to end all unwanted tribulations and misfortunes in this country; our country is blessed beyond these kinds of frustrations. There is no way we can discuss what made this country’s academic system decadent, our dilapidated infrastructure and our weak economic systems that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar can be blame-free.

The status of Obi is small when we are talking about national leadership; as a Governor of Anambra State, his past political records have spoken of who he has been, and the blunders he is coming to commit in the unlikely event of him being elected. Similarly, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s records as Lagos State Governor can as well tell us who has been, and the progress he would bring to Nigeria as President.

By the special grace of the Almighty God, DICC demands that enough of all these pedestrian biases of ethnicity and religious sentiments; all that we need now is who has the capacity and capability with sound experience to lead us to eldorado. DICC will never relent until success is achieved.

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