How My Marriage Crashed -Actress Nnaji

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An actress, Charity Nnaji, is of the view that intimacy is compulsory in relationships.

She told Saturday Beats, “If a guy loves a girl, I don’t see why they should not be intimate with each other. Inasmuch as I am not cheating on my guy and he is not getting intimate with me, he may be getting it somewhere; or he is bi-sexual or gay.

“The last guy I dated was acting funny and I was not comfortable with it. He claimed to love me but he was never intimate with me.”

Speaking on the cases of individuals who, for religious reasons, might prefer not to have sex before marriage, Nnaji said, “This present generation has a different perception of sex before marriage; compared to what obtained in the days of our parents. Not every young man can date a girl without being intimate with her.”

Recalling why she left her marriage, she said, “I left my marriage because of domestic violence. I can cope with a man if he has setbacks in his business, but I cannot stay with him if he slaps me. What I survived in that home can kill others. My greatest fear was to live as a single mum, but I had to take a bold step to leave.”

On the lessons she learnt from her failed marriage, she said, “Ever since I left, a lot has changed in my life. I can now handle any relationship and know how to live with people.

Secondly, I now have peace of mind. Money cannot buy peace of mind. Whatever one does in life, one should ensure it does not tamper with one’s peace of mind. I was married for 10 years. I left the marriage four years ago.”

The actress also stated that she had found love again and was taking her time before bringing it to social media.

She said, “I am in a relationship, and I am just taking my time. I don’t want to bring him to social media for now. I don’t want social media people to ruin my relationship because that is their job. Whatever that is good, some Nigerians will always want to see the negative side of it.”

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