Indonesia Passes Law To Jail Anyone Who Has S3x Before Marriage

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Lawmakers in Indonesia have approved a new criminal law to punish s3x outside marriage with imprisonment of up to a year.

This was confirmed on Tuesday by AFP via its Twitter handle, stating that the newly enacted law is targeted to enhance the morale and sanity of the country.

Indonesia’s parliament has approved legislation to criminalise extra-marital sex and the cohabitation of unmarried couples

“Critics fear the rules could have a major impact on the LGBTQ community in Indonesia, where gay marriage is not allowed,” AFP tweeted.

News regarding this law was first disclosed by Bambang Wuryanto, a politician involved in the draft.

Wuryanto said the law would apply to Indonesian citizens and foreigners alike and the punishment can only take effect if there are parties who lodge complaints to the authorities.

For those who are married, the party entitled to complain is the perpetrator’s husband or wife.

The law also allows the parents of unmarried people to report them for having sex.

Cohabitation before marriage will also be banned and those convicted could face a six-month prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Business groups have expressed concern about the rule’s potential impact on Indonesia’s image as a tourist and investment destination.

Shinta Widjaja Sukamdani, the deputy chairperson of Indonesia’s Employers’ Association (APINDO), said: “For the business sector, the implementation of this customary law shall create legal uncertainty and make investors reconsider investing in Indonesia.”

The previous draught of the code was scheduled to be passed in 2019, but it sparked nationwide protests, with tens of thousands taking part.

Many people, including students, took to the streets across Indonesia, with the main clashes taking place in Jakarta.

Protesters who threw stones at police were met with tear gas and water cannons.

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