Reasons Why Your Nipples Hurt

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Nipples we know is a small piece on the breast which is very sensitive to both stimulation and irritation.

When they hurt, it might get too uncomfortable to even put on a bra. And while the soreness doesn’t necessarily mean something serious, sometimes it could be a medical condition that should not be ignored.

Here are some reasons as to why your nipples might be hurting:

Allergic reactions
Since they are very sensitive, nipples could react from chemicals from soaps, lotions, fabric, or laundry detergents. So if you notice that your nipples are hurting after changing your soaps, it could be simply an allergy.

This is a serious condition that needs treatment. It’s common during breastfeeding and leads to painful nipples and breast. You could also experience fatigue, chills and fever. When the milk stays in the breast for too long, it leads to an infection.

Your hormones can go haywire during menstruation leading to tender and sore nipples. The good news however, is that this kind of pain is short-lived and you don’t have to seek medication.

Yeast infection
Got you by surprise? Well, the same yeast infections that affect your private parts can also affect your nipples causing you pain. This mostly happens to women who wear bras with a non-breathable fabric. Breastfeeding mums are also at the risk of getting thrush from their babies. The infections, luckily, are easily treated with antibiotic.

Congratulations to you! You might soon be a mom. Before you even experience morning sickness or a missed period, your nipples might be the first sign that you are pregnant. So if you are not using birth control or haven’t been exercising lately, you may consider having a pregnancy test as the first thing.

Vigorous exercise
Exercise is good for your overall health. However, if you need to get a well-fitting bra for the same. The wrong fabric or ill-fitting bra will definitely cause you nipple pain.


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