Sex Education: 5 Conversations To Have Before Sex

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In these days of hookups, a lot of things get unsaid before intercourse happens, but even when it comes to legally and religiously approved intimacy, less is even said.

When we watch movies we just see strangers meet for the first time and before we know it, they are ripping each other clothes off and having an amazing time.

That is not also the case.

But even with people you have known for years, communication is still important.

So, here are five things you must discuss:

Their sexual health status

In marriages, there is the duty to honour your partner by not having multiple sexual partners and giving them sexually transmitted diseases.

For those engaging in pre-marital sex, finding out about the sexual health of your partner is important because HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases still exist.

However, people lie, and that is why protection like condoms are needed.

Consent and boundaries

Even with your legally married partners, you need consent, you also need to understand boundaries.

To some people, every and anything goes. If you take a whip and flog them, they are happy, if you spit on them, they love it, but some people find it disgusting. Yo

Of course, all scenarios cannot be discussed but the basics and the ones that might be over the top should be discussed.

Turn-ons and preferences

The way God designed sex is a give and take thing. What does your partner want and what do you want? That way everyone is satisfied.


If you are not legally married to the person, expectations before intercourse are crucial.

You should not be asking, “What are we now?” after it has happened.

Most times, the fact that you have to manage your expectations means that it is probably casual and you are not in a relationship with the person.

Hiding your relationship status just to take advantage of others is very wrong and that goes without saying. Put all your cards on the table.

Past trauma

Past trauma affects our current sexual relationships more than we know. Talking about that and common triggers helps to build intimacy.

For example, imagine holding down a woman who has been raped in the past as a joke.

Alos, rape sometimes prevents a woman from experiencing orgasms and lubrication.

For an enjoyable sexual experience, open and honest conversations must be had.

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