This Is Impunity – Netizens React As Tinubu Issues Warning To Ndi Igbos

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The presidential campaign rallies of the All Progressives Congress (APC), candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu have continued to generate a mixed reaction from Nigerians following a series of blunders and unexpected speeches.

Tinubu’s speech at the APC presidential rally held in Enugu State today, 11th January has angered Nigerians as many took to social media to slam him for uttering what is considered impunity against the South-Eastern region of the country, the Ndi Igbos.

According to Tinubu, the Ndi Igbos will not be applauded for their hard work until he becomes president.

He said: “Nobody will give all of you any credit. You are working hard you are sweating now, we want you to sweat well for this party, until you deliver victory, until Bola Tinubu becomes president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We will not give you but a slight clap or a soaked slice of bread”.

Netizens react to Bola Tinubu’s speech
One Charlx wrote: “The reality of one Nigeria blatantly made obvious by an APC Presidential candidate”.

Eke Chikky wrote: “Shame on all the Igbo leaders standing with him….he has warmed them now before they say they were not informed… Nobody will give you appointments ohhhhh hearing from the horses mouth…still they will not hear word”.

Miss Sunshine wrote: “Laughing at themselves selling out their birth right for a grain of groundnut, mtcheeewwww clapping for a man like him whom he now sees as his ‘chi’? Wat an irony”.

Yunk wrote: “See the onukus behind him watching him chat shit… South eastern governors are sellout. Uncle carry your soaked bread and shift”.

Chocho Lola wrote: “If it’s a curse. In the Name of Jesus Christ I cancel it and May God curse you to fail and continue failing AMEN”

Dara styline wrote: “I no blame person wen talk say until he became the president na people wen come out under sun dey clap for am I blame”.

Finger chops wrote: “Na wa oooo. Talking with so much impunity”.

Tripple Jay wrote: “It’s the audacity for me. Hope I Dey shame for you”.

Maduka wrote: “During this campaign season I have seen how some people truly feel about Igbos and it’s sad though”.

Sammie Blaze wrote: “This is a big slap and Hope Uzodinma the governor of Imo State is standing behind nodding in agreement to this? A huge disrespect indeed”

Nelson wrote: “Lol this man sabi use food as adjective to qualify politics. Either corn or cassava or ewa or yam and now soaked slice of bread. God bless Nigeria”.

Akabueze wrote: “So he went to Enugu to threaten the igbos on their own soil and the igbo elites are there clapping like people that are under a spell…chai!”

Ifeoma wrote: “Omg! And people are actually rooting for this man?? Like for real?? How can you be openly walking into fire that’s seriously burning?? If this isn’t a sign to go and collect your PVC and VOTE wisely, I don’t know what else to say”.

Yuuwaa wrote: “Openly trolling a tribe …. why not focus on the ones that you think want you in power … why make such a sick statement publicly as an aspirant … ??”

Nigerians react to a photoshopped photo of Ahmed Tinubu on Ebuka Uchendu’s body
A few days ago, Nigerians reacted to a photoshopped image of Bola Ahmed Tinubu on media personality, Ebuka Uchendu’s body.

His political team did a campaign billboard for him in Lagos with a photoshopped photo of him in Ebuka’s body. Ebuka’s head was cropped out of the photo, and Tinubu’s head was added to Ebuka’s picture.

The editor, however, failed to crop out Ebuka’s wedding ring, cap, hands and more which made it easy for many to spot the photoshop. While some made fun of the cropped image, others expressed disappointment and disgust at Tinubu’s love for fakery.

This viral photo was shared by Dino Melaye, who stated that was nothing original about Tinubu.

“See how Tinubu dem photoshop Ebuka’s picture. Plus feather and ring placed in same position. Oga ooo. There is nothing original about this Emilokan man. SDM”.

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